7 Manga Horror Series To Keep You Up At Night

With Halloween Around The Corner, Are You Ready For Some Terrifying Manga?

Here’s 7 Manga Horror Series You Can Check Out Today To Keep You Up At Night.

Number Seven: Chainsaw Man

The most recent title on this list, Chainsaw Man follows Denji, a teenager tasked with hunting Devils for the Yakuza to clear his fathers debt. But after a run in with a Zombie Devil, Denji becomes fused with his companion devil, Pochita and becomes Chainsaw Man.

Mixing comedy with horror and non-stop action, Chainsaw Man is a fun and wild ride from start to finish that doesn’t skimp on some truly gross out scenes.

How Do You Create One Of The Best Selling Manga Series Of All Time? Take 1 Talented and Dedicated Creator, Add Beautiful, Breath Taking Art, Add A Heartfelt Story and Set It In A Brutal, Twisted Fantasy World Filled With Demons, Monsters, and More.

The Story of Guts in Berserk Has Been Written For Decades and is not for the faint of heart. With truly traumatizing scenes, Berserk can be nightmare fuel and heart wrenching, but for those who can make it through, it’s one of the greatest manga series ever written.

Let’s Be Honest, Few Things Scream Halloween More Than Zombies and For That, I Am A Hero Has Us Covered. Following artist Hideo Suzuki, we witness a zombie outbreak that devolves Toyko into chaos.

With its unique protagonist, I Am A Hero keeps readers guessing what’s real and what’s next. But more importantly asks the question:

What would you do if you the world was ending?

Would you become a hero?

Parasites are no laughing matter, especially when their origin is alien. Parasyte focuses on an alien invasion where aliens bond with humans and wreak havoc. But one alien, Migi, fails his mission and bonds to the arm of high school student, Shinichi Izumi, and our story unfolds.

While the symbiotic relationship between Migi and Shinchi adds some nice comic relief, creator Hitoshi Iwaaki does a phenomenal job of creating a beautifully drawn world littered with scenes of body horror unlike any series you’ve read before.

A list of manga horror wouldn’t be complete without Toyko Ghoul and the story of Ken Kaneki. Living in a world where factions of ghouls hunt humans, Kaneki’s fate is sealed after a bad date turns worse and leads to an organ transplant from one of these ghouls.

Forced to live as an artificial monster, he learns that their is more to his city than the human world. This 14 Volume series will ask the question where’s the line between man and monster and how easily can we cross it.

First released in 1972, The Drifting Classroom chronicles the story of elementary school students who are mysteriously sent to a wasteland following a disaster. As the students and staff realize their fate, chaos ensues.

The story is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies but set in a post apocalyptic world where mutated monsters roam but are not nearly as scary as the students that inhabit this new world.

This classic series is a worthwhile read for those who can stomach it.

Since the late 80’s, creator Junji Ito has been scaring readers with his tales of curses, monsters, and more while incorporating humanity’s deepest fears of the unknown and what bumps in the night. In one of his most popular series, Uzumaki, he adds spirals to this list.

Focusing on the citizens of Kurôzu-cho, two teenagers explore a curse that plagues the town leading to disaster and depravity at every turn. Mixing cosmic and body horror, this series is not for the faint of heart, as they’re are some truly haunting scenes inside this book that will make you second guess the next swirl you see.

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