How To Start Reading DC Comics: Clark Kent, Superman

Do You Want To Start Reading DC Comics?

Here's How You Can Read Today About Clark Kent, Superman

First Appearing in Action Comics Issue 1 in 1938, Clark Kent Is A Mild Mannered Reporter With A Secret. Sent To Earth To Be Saved From His Dying Planet Of Krypton, Kent Is The Man of Steel, Superman.

From Here, You Can Continue With The Classic Golden Age Stories or Jump To The Modern Era With All-Star Superman. This 12 Issue Series Revisits His Origin, His Life, and The Legacy He Leaves Behind All While Occurring Outside Of DC Continuity To Create An Easily Accessible Introduction To The Character.

After That Check Out Superman: Lois and Clark. This 8 Issue Series Serves As In Intro To The Son of Krypton’s Family and Leads Into Rebirth. From here, you can read titles like Superman, Action Comics, and Super Sons as they look at different facets of Kal-El’s life and allows for you to get caught up on DC Comics today.

This Is Just The Tip Of The Kryptonite When It Comes To The Symbol Of Hope and There’s More Stories Involving The Justice League, Worlds Finest With Batman, and a Slew of Great Silver and Bronze Age Books If You Want To Keep Exploring The Character.

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