How To Start Reading Manga: Spy X Family

Excited For The Second Cour of Spy X Family?

Here’s How You Can Read The Manga That Inspired The Hit Series, Spy X Family!

First released in 2019, the action-comedy series was created by Tatsuya Endo and follows the Forger family Made up of a world class spy Loid, the Thorn Princess assassin Yor, and a telepathic 6 year old Anya.

They must work together to function as a family all while all living with their own secrets. With the anime just starting this year and the second cour starting soon, it’s a perfect time to hop on and start reading the manga with the Doggy Crisis Arc (Chapters 18 - 23) which picks up in Volume 4 but if you want to start from the beginning:

Main Series: Chapters 1-69 (As of 10/2)

Season 1 Part 1: Chapters 1 - 17 / Volumes 1 - 3

Season 1 Part 2: Chapters 18 - TBD / Volumes 4 - TBD

This Series Can Be Read Now Through Shonen Jump By Chapter, Amazon (Affiliate) by Volume, and watched through Crunchyroll.