How To Start Reading Marvel Comics - Elsa Bloodstone, Marvel's Monster Hunter

Here’s How You Can Read About Elsa Bloodstone, Marvel’s Monster Hunter

First appearing in 2001’s Bloodstone Issue 1, Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of famed monster hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone. Following in her fathers footsteps, Elsa came in contact with the fabled Bloodgem and began her career as a fabled Monster Hunter.

From here, we’d see Bloodstone work with the King of the Monsters Deadpool, join teams like Nextwave, Legion of Monsters, Midnight Sons, the “Avengers”, and battled the Marvel Zombies during the events of Secret Wars.

With Elsa Bloodstone appearing in Werewolf by Night, Check Out These Titles To Read About Her Monster Hunting Journey And If You Want To Know More

Elsa Bloodstone Reading Recommendations:

1st Appearance: Bloodstone 1 - 4 (2001)

Joins Nextwave:

Nextwave: Agents of Hate 1 - 12 (2006)

Origin: Marvel Assistant Sized Spetacular 2 (2009)

Joins The Legion Of Monsters:

Legions Of Monsters 1 (2011)

Joins Doctor Dooms Avengers:

Avengers World 15 - 16 (2014)

Leads The Hel-Rangers During Secret Wars:

Marvel Zombies 1 - 4 (2015)

Joins The Midnight Sons:

Doctor Strange:: Damnation 1 - 4 (2018)

Elsa Vs The King Of The Monsters?

Deadpool 1 - 10 (2019)

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