How To Start Reading Marvel Comics: Jack Russell, Werewolf By Night


Are You Excited For The MCU's Take On Werewolf by Night?

Here’s How You Can Read About Jack Russell, The Werewolf By Night!

First appearing in 1972’s Marvel Spotlight Issue 2, Jack Russell’s family is cursed. Starting with an ill-fated battle between a distant ancestor and Dracula centuries before and activated by the Darkhold, Jack Russel becomes a werewolf.

From here, we’d see Russell star in his own series, battle Moon Knight, join the Legion of Monsters with Ghost Rider, Morbius, and Man Thing, and much much more.

With Werewolf by Night Premiering On Disney+ October 7th, Check Out These Titles To Get Ready For His MCU Appearance And If You Want To Know More About This Cornerstone of Marvel Monsters:


These Comics Can Be Read Now Through Marvel Unlimited, In Collected Editions Through Amazon (Affiliate) , and watched through Disney+.

Werewolf By Night Reading Recommendations:

1st Appearance: Marvel Spotlight 2 - 4 (1972)

Werewolf by Night 1 - 14 (1972)

1st Battle With Dracula (1974): Tomb of Dracula 18 & Werewolf by Night 15

Werewolf by Night 16 - 43 (1972)

Giant Size Creatures 1 (1974)

Giant Size Werewolf by Night 2 - 5 (1974)

Joins The Legion Of Monsters: Marvel Premiere 28 (1976)

1st Team Up With Spider-Man: Marvel Team-Up 12 (1973)