How To Start Reading Marvel Comics - Ted Sallis, Man-Thing

Are You Excited For The MCU's Take On Man-Thing In Werewolf by Night?

Here’s How You Can Read About Ted Sallis, The Man-Thing.

First appearing in 1971’s Savage Tales Issue 1, Dr. Theodore Sallis is a biochemist set on recreating the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. But this formula has unintended consequences and transforms Sallis into The Man-Thing.

From here, Man-Thing takes on the role of Protector Of The Nexus of Reality In The Florida Everglades, Joins The Legion Of Monsters, Deals With The Supernatural Side Of The Marvel Multiverse, and even befriends Howard The Duck.

Check Out These Titles To Read About The Bog Beast:

1st Appearance: Savage Tales 1 (1971)

Origin Story: Astonishing Tales 12 (1972)

Adventure Into Fear 10 - 19 (1972)

Man-Thing 1 - 22 (1974)

Giant Size Man-Thing 1 - 5 (1974)

Joins The Legion Of Monsters: Marvel Premiere 28 (1976)

Man-Thing 1 - 11 (1979)

Man-Thing 1 - 3 (2004)

Infernal Man-Thing 1 - 3 (2012)

Goosebump’s Creator R.L. Stine Takes On Man-Thing: Man Thing 1 - 5 (2017)

These Comics Can Be Read Now Through Marvel Unlimited, In Collected Editions Through Amazon (Affiliate) , and watched through Disney+.